Hack The Bells: Call for proposals

Call For Proposals: Hack The Bells
Submission deadline: December 14, 2016

The bells of Burton and Lurie Towers are the public sound of UM’s artistic and engineering heritage, and we propose that they peal throughout the pivotal year that leads us into our third century.

We are delighted to announce a call for works for student installations, site-specific projects, and other creative proposals and performances involving either or both carillons. All current UM students are eligible to apply. The winning work will become part of the UM Bicentennial’s carillon event series in Fall 2017 entitled “A Carillon Lab for the 21st Century.”

An independent jury will select a proposal based on originality, depth of concept and engagement with the site, as well as feasibility. The selected applicant or team will receive a grant of $1,000 to realize the proposal.

Submissions should include (1) an abstract of no more than two pages that explains artistic and conceptual motivations related to this site-specific work, (2) a detailed budget. You may include supporting diagrams or drawings if they help us imagine what you propose. Submissions should be emailed to michigancarillons@gmail.com before midnight on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 for consideration. Any supplemental physical materials (prototypes, printed diagrams, etc.) must be delivered to the main SMTD office by the same deadline.

Resources for entrants

Please contact us at michigancarillons@gmail.com with any questions.

Hack The Bells is made possible by the support of the UM Bicentennial.



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