Carillon Composition Contest: Music for an Inclusive Soundscape

The Organ Department in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance is holding a student contest to arrange or transcribe music for carillon that amplifies the presence of systemically less audible, overlooked, or underrepresented social groups on campus. Specifically, we seek settings, arrangements, or transcriptions of songs and pieces that address student identities not primarily defined by a single ethnicity, such as (but not limited to) the LGBTQ community, DREAMers, veterans, first-generation college students, multiracial students, or the working class.

Keynote: Steven Feld, “Metalogue: What is a Bell?”

Keynote speaker Steven Feld: “Inspired by Bateson’s playful excursions into knowledge production, my foray into the material and affective “what-ness” of bells–their relational ontologies– starts with a series of listening conversations with my daughter, Clochanda, and two of her good friends, Mikhail Bakhtin and Michel Foucault.”